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How to get Real Estate Leads from Zillow

Everyone else has different opinions when it comes to buying real estate leads. Some will even tell you that it is morally wrong. What they won’t tell you is that leads are leads irrespective of how you got them. If you are able to close them then the rest doesn’t matter. Zillow is one of the most reputable leads source. Here are 5 ways you can get leads from Zillow.

Become a premier agent

This will give you access to visitors looking at all local properties irrespective of whether they are or sale or rent. Becoming a Zillow premier agent also comes with a free website that you could take advantage of. This is the best way to grow your contacts.

Add listings to Zillow group

It is no secret that Zillow is like the Google of all real estate dealings. By adding your listings to Zillow group, your contacts will greatly increase as you will be broadcasting to a wider audience. Make sure you find out how you can sync your listings to your profile.

Post past sales to profile

Most people are wary of dealing with real east agents with no experience. They are more likely to deal with you if they’re assured that you are good at what you do. Make use of the past sales program as it will empower potential clients to reach out to you.

Get reviews from clients

Whether you closed the deal or not, always ask your past clients to leave reviews. The first thing most contacts look at is your track record that can only be show through reviews. You should also ensure that you respond to all reviews posted, whether negative or positive.

Don’t shy from showing reviews, stats and listings

Modesty does not apply here. Your stats, reviews and listings are like your portfolio. Don’t shy from posting these statistics on social platforms or blogs or any platform that has a flow of people.It will also strengthen your web presence which will enhance led generation.

Do you want to increase your real estate leads?

Then Zillow is a great place to start! Through the above tips, you will have access to a wide range of real estate clients. You could also complement these tips with being active on social profiles. Indulge yourself in any discussions that are relevant to real-estate. You have all you need to get leads. All you have to do is close them!