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Online Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand as a Realtor

Although print marketing can still be very effective, online marketing is becoming a required method of marketing to stay afloat in the competitive real estate industry. With the majority of people carrying smart phones these days, having an online presence is paramount. A presence alone isn’t enough, though. You need to be easily accessible and findable to all of your potential clients, and that’s where things tend to get a little confusing.

We sat down with Michael Mallery of Mallery Online Marketing, an internet marketing company based out of San Antonio, Texas, with a specialty in search engine optimization (SEO). He gave us a few insights into what methods of online marketing you should take a look at and which ones you may want to avoid.


Let’s start with SEO. SEO is a service that helps push your website to the top of the search engines’ search results. This allows you to get in front of people who are actively searching for the services you offer. Whether you’re helping buyers, sellers, or investors, there are certain search phrases that could make an incredible impact on your business.

Real estate is a highly competitive field, so ranking in most mid-sized to larger cities is going to require more time and more budget to do so. Even more important is the need to continue your SEO efforts even after you’ve ranked to make sure you don’t slip out of the top positions.

The benefit to SEO is that once you are in those top spots, you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your site. Whether you get 5 visitors or 500, your only paying what you agreed to with your SEO company. Organic results are still the most important results, and being able to capture buyers, sellers, and investors that are coming to you can turn your real estate business around quick.


While we are on the subject of search engines, it’s important to note that you can jump straight to page 1 in a matter of hours. This is done using each search engines’ pay-per-click service.

While this can get you immediate results, it’s not a guarantee that you’re going to score that top position. There are many factors that dictate where your ad gets placed. Those factors include your ad copy, your landing page, and most importantly, your budget. Unlike SEO, every click to your site from your actual ad listing will cost you. That cost can fluctuate from under $1 per click to over $400 per click. That price all depends on the competition in the area. Your position could be determined by your overall budget and how much you bid for those higher positions.

The benefits are very similar to SEO, though. You will get in front of people actively looking for the services you offer.

Social Media Ads

Ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube work slightly differently. Yes, they are still pay-per-click, but they are a form of marketing known as interruption marketing. What this means is that your ads will interrupt the user in whatever it is they are doing.

Your ads may show up in line with normal feed items on some platforms. If you have a video ad, they may show before, after, or in the middle of another video that the user is watching. One way or another, people will see your ads.

The downside to this is that you have to try and figure out who you want to target. People aren’t willingly looking for your services, rather they are being shown your ad whether they want to see it or not. That sounds terrible, but it’s still an effective method of marketing and not one to be overlooked.

Each platform has its own method for helping you target an audience, but you want to drill down as much as possible so you are getting in front of those that are most likely to want to contact you.

For instance, being in real estate, your target audience age range could most likely be mid-20s and up. There are fewer 18-24 year-olds that are interested in buying or selling a home. If you’re dealing in luxury real estate, targeting users with household incomes over $500,000/year might be more suitable for you. This will help you reduce ad budget waste and you’ll find yourself being contacted by people you are better equipped to help.

Social Media

You can even use social media in general to help promote and grow your business. This typically requires a bit of a grass roots campaign, but building your own following can have a tremendous effect on your business.

If you can find the time to keep up with consistent posting schedules across all of your social media accounts, and you can keep your content engaging and interesting, you may be able to forgo any type of paid advertising and rely strictly on your social media accounts.

Of course, this is a much more difficult route to go, but don’t think it’s not possible.

Though we touched on a few options, this is certainly not a definitive list. New marketing ideas and methods are popping up all the time. The key is to research and find what is going to work best for you. SEO might be great for some, but in a competitive market such as New York City or Los Angeles, the cost required to organically rank in Google may be too high. In smaller cities or towns, social media ads may not be the right direction to go.

The best advice is to find a professional company and sit down to talk out all options available to you. You may know your market, but your online marketing specialist knows your marketing.

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Using Social Media to Sell Your House

There are many people that have branded their image or sold millions of products through social media. In fact, many celebrities have used their personal social media account to establish their products branding their name. As social media grows, there are millions of people using social media each day. Many popular social media websites have millions of users registered to their network. Using a social media platform is a smart idea that can help you reach a wide audience that stretches around the world. If you’re trying to sell your house, social media can help you get a great asking price too.

How Can Social Media Help Me Sell My House

1. Social Media Groups

You can join a social media group allowing you to post your home and reach an audience that’s exclusively interested in real estate. Groups are a number of social media members that join a particular network with a specific niche in mind. Thus, you can join a real estate group and attract many home buyers that are interested in your house. Plus, social media will give you an opportunity to reach out to real estate investors that sell homes on a regular basis. You can also attract someone that rehabs houses and is interested in taking your home off your hands at a good price by joining a group on social media.

2. Word-Of-Mouth

If you’re friends are following you on social media, they can reach out to someone they know about your home. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your home in your area. The type of pictures you have posted along with the house details will allow them to be able to discreetly make you an offer. You can discuss the details of your home without putting too much personal information up front at one time.

3. Make Money

Social media has an ad sharing affiliate program that will allow you to post your home on social media and make money at the same time. You can create a page that displays the details of the home and place ads on your social media page. Every time someone clicks on a ad that’s posted on your page, you earn money. You have the benefits of selling your home and earning money while you’re waiting for an offer on your home.
It’s easy to become a part of many popular social media websites.. You’re invited to go online and register for an account to see which platform will work best for you unique needs.
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Setting A Pricing Strategy To Sell Your House

Unfortunately, many people try to sell their home and watch it set on the market for quite some time. They may feel discouraged about ever selling their house. In fact, over time they may adjust the price on their home believing that the price may be too high, and that’s why they’re not receiving any responses. Have you been made an offer, but find out later on that something in their credit doesn’t allow them to qualify for your home? The biggest problem for most home buyer’s is they may not have a sufficient down payment. Learn how a pricing strategy can help you get the best asking price and sell your home fast by reading the following user-friendly guide.

How To Set A Pricing Strategy To Sell Your Home

There are three elements to any pricing strategy. Customer valued-based goals, competitive based pricing, and cost-based pricing strategies are the three strategies that can be used to sell your home. You’re focusing on your needs, the needs of your customer, and the value of your home. You can maximize your need to sell the home outright or base your pricing on the housing market. The goal is to put forth a plan to get the best asking price for your home to meet your needs and the needs of the homebuyer.

Be Competitive

If you’re interested in a pricing strategy to sell your home, you have to set a competitive price that will attract potential homebuyers. A price that’s set too high can end up on the housing market for far too long. Consider the value of your home when your setting your strategy, In fact, you can offer incentives that will invite potential homebuyers to really consider purchasing your home. For example, you may be able to adjust the lighting in the contractual agreement to make the deal more lucrative to the potential homebuyer.
You have to understand the buyers needs when you’re putting a house on the market. Target your marketing audience with attractive numbers. Setting unrealistic pricing goals will leave you back at square one many times, You’ll receive an offer for your home, but they won’t fall through. Keep in mind the price you set for your home may not be the offer you’ll receive. Setting a pricing strategy to sell your house means you’ll come to a consensus on the price you will and will not accept.
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How to get Real Estate Leads from Zillow

Everyone else has different opinions when it comes to buying real estate leads. Some will even tell you that it is morally wrong. What they won’t tell you is that leads are leads irrespective of how you got them. If you are able to close them then the rest doesn’t matter. Zillow is one of the most reputable leads source. Here are 5 ways you can get leads from Zillow.

Become a premier agent

This will give you access to visitors looking at all local properties irrespective of whether they are or sale or rent. Becoming a Zillow premier agent also comes with a free website that you could take advantage of. This is the best way to grow your contacts.

Add listings to Zillow group

It is no secret that Zillow is like the Google of all real estate dealings. By adding your listings to Zillow group, your contacts will greatly increase as you will be broadcasting to a wider audience. Make sure you find out how you can sync your listings to your profile.

Post past sales to profile

Most people are wary of dealing with real east agents with no experience. They are more likely to deal with you if they’re assured that you are good at what you do. Make use of the past sales program as it will empower potential clients to reach out to you.

Get reviews from clients

Whether you closed the deal or not, always ask your past clients to leave reviews. The first thing most contacts look at is your track record that can only be show through reviews. You should also ensure that you respond to all reviews posted, whether negative or positive.

Don’t shy from showing reviews, stats and listings

Modesty does not apply here. Your stats, reviews and listings are like your portfolio. Don’t shy from posting these statistics on social platforms or blogs or any platform that has a flow of people.It will also strengthen your web presence which will enhance led generation.

Do you want to increase your real estate leads?

Then Zillow is a great place to start! Through the above tips, you will have access to a wide range of real estate clients. You could also complement these tips with being active on social profiles. Indulge yourself in any discussions that are relevant to real-estate. You have all you need to get leads. All you have to do is close them!

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Why You Should be Working with a Realtor

With much information online about buying and selling a home, you might wonder why you need to hire a realtor for your real estate transactions. Yes, doing the all work by yourself is possible. You can buy or sell a house by yourself and still might work for you, and it might even save you the cost of hiring a real estate agent. But in the end, it may result in a serious mistake that can cost you a ton of money.

Buying or selling properties is a major financial undertaking, it involves serious risks that may result in big losses. That’s why a realtor is there to help you mitigate the risk. Furthermore, unless you have the time to make selling or buying a home a part-time job, a real estate agent will be able to find you a perfect property faster. Now, why would you need to work with a realtor?

Education and experience

When you want to buy a house, you don’t need to know everything about the home purchase as professionals do. The tricky part is finding the right seller. So, hiring a professional with knowledge and experience will get you the right seller and in accordance with the customs.

Price guidance

Contrary to what most people think, agents do no choose prices for buyers or sellers. They only guide their clients to make the right decisions for themselves. As a buyer, you weigh prices according to the data supplied to you. Now, based on market condition, supply and demand, the agents help to devise negotiation strategies.

Handling paperwork

Today, a single purchase agreement can run up to 10 pages or more. In addition, there is a disclosure of federal and state customs and regulations. A single mistake or an omission may cost you heavily or perhaps land you in a court. That is why you need an agent. With some realtors, a lawyer handles the disclosures to ensure everything is done right.

Professional networking

Realtors do network with other real estate professionals, providing you with the best services that you require for buying or selling. They will recommend you companies to work with depending on their efficiency, reputation and competitive pricing. In addition, they give you a list of references with whom they had worked with before to ensure you make the right selection.

While everybody has a right to buy or sell properties on their own, it is wise to know the height of risks involved. Buying and selling properties requires involvement with an experienced professional to reduce the pool of risks. It is important you research widely to find a reputable real estate agency that will help you land to your new home.